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以下的访问曾经在THE EDGE刊登,你看完后一笑置之去看电视?;还是立刻找出有关资料来核对呢? - 此文乃后来补上。

这有一些故事分享。注意!以下是从investalksTIMECOM贴bingchang大大剪出来的(The Edge 报),原来的link去不到了。

大家可以当故事来看khanzanah如何找到Afzal Abdul Rahim 来帮TDC起死回生。


According to insiders, Afzal had been contacted by one Erikas Napjus, Google Inc's global infrastructure manager, a couple of years ago, when the Internet giant had first wanted to take up some data centre space in Malaysia.

Napjus is said to have turned down AIMS (Afzal 的公司) then due to the latter not meeting the standards required by Google.     
(Google 嫌Afzal 的公司太烂,不跟他合作)

Following that, Afzal had remained in contact with Napjus and received advice on how to raise the quality of his data centers. That in turn led to a friendship as how technology entrepreneurs are apt to connect.

Some time later, Napjus offered Afzal a chance to participate in the submarine cable, an opportunity that Afzal naturally jumped at. 
(做不成生意做朋友也行。。。 果然不久就有好康头,有海底宽带电缆工程预了好友Afzal一份)

Huge capital was required to be part of consortium and through some contacts, Afzal raised venture capital funding from certain parties. It is these parties who are part of the owners of GTL and who are receiving the cash and shares from TdC.
The venture capitalists or angel investors as they are sometimes called, include
1. Halfmoon Bay, owned by tycoon Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah, an active investor in private companies and founder of Land & General Bhd,
2. Accurate Gain Profits, owned by Tan Sri Mohd Razali Abdul Rahman, the chairman of Peremba.
3. Another investor is Continuum Capital, a venture capital firm owned by Khazanah.
All these investors, according to the announcement by TdC, had pumped in US$12mil (RM37mil) since 2008 to fund their entry into the submarine cable project.       
(Google 朋友的工程需要很多钱,Afzal 空手套白狼找来三方投资者出资,他出友情牌)
(各位朋友这个工程就是鼎鼎大名的Unity Cable System了,有几厉害?回去看看吧,叫你留心上课了)

When Afzal first came into PKV in 2008, it was via injecting GTL into PKV. At that time, Khazanah is said to have picked Afzal via a selection committee comprising independent professionals from the telecommunications and corporate sectors.

Khazanah's managing director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar had then said that the move was made to ensure the long-term operational and financial stability of TdC.
Azman had then said that the committee believed that Afzal and GTL were the best candidates for the task to turn around TdC as they have the entrepreneurial skills and telecommunications experience as well as sound management.
(从这里看来,应该是Afzal拥有GTL,GTL拥有Unity Cable System。)
(Afzal带着嫁妆GTL入赘新家PKV aka Pulau Kapas Ventures Sdn Bhd, PKV应该是Khazanah的)

GTC was then injected at a price of RM48.2mil, which gave GTI 38.8% in PKV. Thus, this valued PKV at about RM124.2mil. 

Khazanah on the other hand had injected its direct holding of TdC of 30.04% into PKV, to own 61.2% of the latter.
然后Afzal透过GTI占有PKV38.8%,Khazanah aka KNB则占有PKV61.2%)

(厉害吧,Afzal 还是握住GTL-有Unity Cable System那间,但却拥有了TDC。但那时TDC亏损累累,就像airasia亏蚀谁要用RM1买她?所以Khazanah也希望找到能人医TDC,也不介意嫁了个宝贝女儿出去)
(所以不要妒忌别人32岁做CEO,你做CCO chief chating officer啦 哈哈!! )

Hence for Afzal to exercise options to bring his stake in PKV to 51%, he is likely to be spending more than RM15mil. Also to be noted is that the announcement reveals that there is a portion of deferred consideration of up to RM128mil to be paid by PKV to Afzal's vehicle, upon the Afzal meeting certain conditions.

These conditions are believed to relate to certain profit milestones and could take place in a year's time and are part of the earn out clause that was in the original shareholder agreement between Khazanah and Afzal.
That consideration is to be paid in PKV shares, meaning that going forward, Afzal will likely emerge as owning much more 51% of PKV and by that, a higher degree of control over the 30.04% block of shares in TdC.
(Khazanah与Afzal约定如成功医好他女儿后把PKV51%给他。现在他有30.04% )



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