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Maybank: Strong teamwork, commitment key to 5 awards

MALAYAN Banking Bhd (Maybank), which swept five honours at the National Annual Corporate Report Awards (NACRA) 2012 ceremony recently, attributed its success to the concerted effort of its annual report team led by the then group chief finan-cial officer Datuk Khairussaleh Ramli.

Maybank bagged the Overall Excellence Award (Platinum), Industry Excellence Award (Finance category), Best Designed Annual Report (Platinum), Best Corporate Social Responsibility (Gold) and Best Report in Bahasa Malaysia (Silver).

The country's largest banking group attributed its success to the focused efforts that were made in providing the right content and adopting a design that reflects Maybank's mission of humanising financial services.

It said the annual report offers content that is easy for all levels of stakeholders to access and understand and ensuring quality in photography, layout and write-ups.
"Another factor that we believe was crucial in helping us win the award was the excellent teamwork and commitment from all Maybankers involved in the production of the annual report - from the advisers, data contributors, printing coordinators, photographers, writers, auditors, printing agency and so on," it said in a statement commenting on its NACRA success.

Maybank has won several awards in the past, including the NACRA 2011 Best Corporate Social Responsibility (Gold), Overall Excellence Award (Silver) and awards in the finance category as well as for Bahasa Malaysia annual report.

However, this year is the first time that Maybank won the overall Excellence Award as well as the Industry Excellence Award.

"We are delighted to win the awards. They are a recognition of the efforts we have put in to produce a report of the highest quality both in terms of content and design."

"They also bear testimony to the core values we uphold in Maybank, particularly our values of teamwork and excellence and efficiency which is our guiding principle in all our tasks," it added.

"It is important to note that NACRA is the most prestigious award for corporate reporting and good corporate governance.

"It is therefore not just about the design of the annual report but about recognition of the quality and timeliness of reporting, transparency and compliance with/adoption of best practices in corporate governance," it said.

It said the award adds credibility and further reinforces Maybank's position not only as the number one bank in Malaysia but also the most valuable company listed on Bursa Malaysia.

Maybank's 2011 annual report was designed to depict its mission of humanising financial services across Asia, in all aspects of its operations.

It aimed to show that through this mission it has been able to differentiate its value proposition to its stakeholders, while at the same time "guiding us as we build sustainable, long-term relationships founded on mutual respect."

The annual report adopted a clean and simple layout, interspersed by separators which visually depict Maybank's brand values and how it make them meaningful to its stakeholders.

"This was supported by liberal use of charts and diagrams to reinforce our key messages to readers," it said.

On factors that contributed to the bank winning the Best CSR Award (Gold), Maybank said its corporate social responsibility initiatives cover four pillars: the community, workplace, marketplace and environment.

"They help us contribute to society in a responsible manner while creating a positive impact.

Our CSR focus and social outreach covers all countries where we operate and aims to make an impact in a sustainable way wherever possible.

"The focus on the community is further reinforced by the group's employee volunteerism programme under which employees share their time and talents to help the underprivileged and those in need on a regular basis," it said.

"To reinforce our commitment to good CSR practices, we established the Maybank Foundation to initiate and spearhead sustainable programmes across the region.

"We also have an extensive range of initiatives that include school adoption programmes, support for sports (mainly badminton and golf), culture and the arts, healthcare programmes, environmental issues including tiger conservation as well as welfare programmes which aim to support the underprivileged in communities where we operate," it added.

Under the marketplace initiatives, Maybank actively adheres to responsible business practices when engaging with customers, suppliers and investors through various programmes.

Workplace initiatives include promoting employee engagement programmes, health and safety as well as training and career development.

Asked how the Industry Excellence Award in finance category will contribute to Maybank's competitiveness, it said the award demonstrates the standard of excellence and high corporate governance standards that Maybank strives for in all its endeavours.

"These include the products and services that we offer as well as the values we stand for.

"We believe that winning this industry award will help our stakeholders, and especially clients, to appreciate the quality of our products and services. This will ultimately help boost our competitive edge in the market," it added.

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